The Centre for Human-centred Artificial Intelligence and the Ethics of New Technologies focuses on interdisciplinary research of the ethical aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) and other new technologies. It is part of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Theology, and brings together researchers from various fields. 

The Center is committed to an in-depth dialogue between the humanities and other sciences involved in developing technologies that are increasingly affecting our lives. 
The main aims of the Center include:

  • forming an interdisciplinary platform for research of the ethical and social challenges of AI and other new technologies, 
  • supporting the careers of early-stage researchers focusing on the mentioned research questions,
  • providing a knowledge platform supporting policy-makers and decision-makers,
  • establishing international collaboration with similar institutions,
  • and presenting key issues, challenges, and research result to the wider public and thus foster increased awareness of important ethical aspects of the use of AI and other new technologies.

The Center is co-funded by the John Templeton Foundation and The Ian Ramsey Center for Science and Religion (University of Oxford) as part of the New Horizons for Science and Religion in Central and Eastern Europe project.